Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Where do I find load data for your bullets?
For loading data refer to a reloading manual that you trust. If our bullets are not in the manual, refer to another jacketed bullet of the same weight and type.
Q. What is the difference between a plated and a jacketed bullet?
The difference in a plated and jacketed bullet is the outer covering of copper. As the plated bullet name hints, the outer shell of copper is applied through a process of electroplating baths of usually cyanide chemicals. This plating process results in a thin outer coating of copper that is about .003”-.005” thick. The disadvantage of a plated bullet is the copper outer covering is soft so in turn it is a more delicate bullet. When reloading, greater care must be taken as to not dent or crack the outer copper shell. A plated bullet also has a velocity restriction, generally around 1,050-1,100FPS is the fastest you will want to push a plated bullet, any faster and the bullet will start to fragment when it exits the barrel. Plated bullets should be loaded to lead velocities.
The reason we make a jacketed bullet, is we only want to make the very best bullet available. Our bullet start out with a swaged lead core and then are mated with the solid copper jacket in another process that forms the jacket to the lead core by force. Our jackets are made out .014” stripping to give you the very best bullet. By using a true solid copper jacket we end up with finished product that is much more consistent, accurate, and can withstand any of the velocities of any handgun calibers including magnums.
Q. What kind of lead bullets do you manufacture?
We manufacturer a swaged lead bullet, not a cast bullet. Swaging, while softer than lead, produces a more consistent bullet that leads to the best accuracy.
Q. On your .38 & .45 Cal bullet, what is the Match Lube (ML) option?
Our bullets that are marked “Match Lube” are fully coated in our proprietary dry lube to give the end user a much cleaner and easier to handle lead bullet.
Q. I see you sell Winchester ammunition, can I buy Winchester ammo from you?
While we do sell Winchester Ammunition, we are a law enforcement distributor for Winchester which means we can only sell to law enforcement officers and agencies in our territory. If you are a Law enforcement officer wanting to purchase Winchester Ammunition, please give our sales staff a call.