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9mm 124gr JHP V2

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9mm 124gr JHP V2
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Caliber 9mm
Diameter .355"
Bullet Weight 124 Grain
Bullet Type Sporting Jacketed Hollow Point

Introducing our all new 124gr JHP "V2"!  The V2 projectile was designed specifically for competitive shooters and compensated handguns. Every aspect of the V2 was developed, tested, and refined to provide competitive shooters everything they need to suceed. The smooth, non-skived ogive to promote feeding, exacting tolerances to ensure accuracy, and our signature stepped base all come toghether to form one of our best performing projectiles to date. 

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Customer Reviews

71 reviews

  • 5

    9mm 124gr JHP V2

    Posted by Joe on Oct 9th 2023

    Good shooter ahead of a dose of Silhouette...

  • 5

    9MM 124GR JHP V2

    Posted by Brandon on Sep 26th 2023

    Haven't shot a bunch of these yet, but they are consistent and feed very smooth in all of my firearms. I haven't done any accuracy testing from a rest yet, but had no problems clearing a plate rack at 30 yards on my first trip out with them, so not expecting any surprises there.

  • 5

    9mm 124gr JHP V2

    Posted by Phil Z on Sep 8th 2023

    By far the most accurate and consistently manufactured projectile I have ever tested/shot. This projectile is now the only 9mm projectile I load with!

  • 5

    9mm jhp

    Posted by John on Aug 15th 2023

    Excelent products and even better people

  • 5

    9mm 124 gr JHP V2

    Posted by Pete Corpuz on Aug 11th 2023

    Excellent heads! Uses them for open, limited minor and LO. Exclusively using these heads for my bang bang therapy!

  • 5

    124 gn JHP

    Posted by GARY on Aug 10th 2023

    Great bullet at a goodprice no excuses

  • 5

    9mm 124gr. JHPv2

    Posted by John on Aug 9th 2023

    Very good looking product, reload easily and feed smoothly.

  • 5

    9mm 124 gr. V2 best of the best

    Posted by Alec on Aug 4th 2023

    These bullets are as accurate as any other, feeds as well as a round nose, and are quite consistent. I have run thousands of them to date, and these are tops.

  • 5

    Perfect Feeding Profile!

    Posted by Edward Love on Aug 4th 2023

    These 9MM 124GR JHP Version 2 hollow point bullets have the perfect profile for feeding in any pistol. They have the shape and profile of a round nose FMJ bullet. These hollow points have no sharp edges to hang up on a feed ramp. They have the advantages of a hollow point bullet with no exposed lead and a perfect base for accuracy. They are target bullets not meant to expand, but at a much lower price without any of the negatives of plated or coated bullets that need special attention during loading. A fine target bullet indeed!

  • 5

    9mm 124gr jap. V2

    Posted by Bruce on Jul 26th 2023

    Excellent Bullets. Feed great.