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9mm 147gr JHP V2

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Caliber 9mm
Diameter .355"
Bullet Weight 147 Grain
Bullet Type Sporting Jacketed Hollow Point

Introducing our all new 147gr JHP "V2"!  The V2 projectile was designed specifically for competitive shooters and compensated handguns. Every aspect of the V2 was developed, tested, and refined to provide competitive shooters everything they need to suceed. The smooth, non-skived ogive to promote feeding, exacting tolerances to ensure accuracy, and our signature stepped base all come toghether to form one of our best performing projectiles to date. 





Customer Reviews

17 reviews

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    9mm 147 JHP V2

    Posted by Richard Melick on Jan 11th 2024

    Hi all, I have loaded a few of these. So, far, I like them. One thing that may be an improvement is to have a bevel edge on the bottom. this addition would help with reloading.. Thank you, Rick

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    Too long/blunt for CZ

    Posted by Andy Lewis on Nov 1st 2023

    I was disappointed when I plunk tested these and found they need to be loaded extremely short to work in a CZ (1.10 inches). This makes for a really deep seating depth. More than im comfortable with anyways... The shape should work great in the 2011s though where they can easily be loaded out as far as you would want. Quality is spot on, like everything I've ever purchased from PD!

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    Very Accurate

    Posted by Rodney Jerger on Oct 24th 2023

    This is not an expanding hollow point. The HP is there for either ease of manufacturing, accuracy, or looks. But the flip aside of that is the base of the bullet is “jacketed”, so the guys who have to shoot indoors, can breathe a little easier. Both my CZ 75B Cajunized, and my Shadow 2 with a Leupold Delta Point Pro have put 5 of the DP 147s under 1.75 inches at 25 yards with me sitting braced. My Colt AR-15 in 9MM will shoot these bullets 3 MOAish; that firearm also wears a Leu DPP. I have been using 95% charge of Accurate Arms No.7. Functioning has been 100% Got Cha Some!

  • 5

    9mm 147gr JHP V2

    Posted by Joe Phillips on Sep 25th 2023

    Most excellent in a Stacc XL !!!

  • 5

    9mm 147gr v2 bullets

    Posted by Sidney Wright on Sep 1st 2023

    This was my first time trying these bullets. Very good bullets. Very accurate. Will buy more when needed.

  • 5

    147 gr. JHP

    Posted by Raymond on Aug 30th 2023

    Very nice quality and good for sub sonic

  • 5

    9mm heads

    Posted by Steven Welch on May 9th 2023

    Very happy with my results. Delivery was great. Highly recommend them.

  • 5

    9MM 147GR JHP V2

    Posted by Pete on Apr 24th 2023

    These are the most accurate bullets I have used in my 9 minor guns.

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    Precision Delta 9mm 147 gr Jhp

    Posted by twin2cycles on Apr 17th 2023

    Pretty happy with this bullet for a first time user. No issues with my Canik Rival Dark Side, shoots flat with great groupings. OAL 1.11, Alliant Sport Pistol 3.1 load and Fiocchi primers.

  • 5

    9MM 147GR JHP V2

    Posted by Peter DiDonato on Mar 28th 2023

    These are the most accurate 9mm bullets I have used to date.