Once Fired 357 Magnum Brass

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1500 pieces of once fired 357 Magnum brass.

This brass is collected from government ranges and lightly cleaned and sorted but otherwise unprocessed.

Brass may be nickel plated.


Customer Reviews

8 reviews

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    Once fired 357mag brass

    I received this order in just a few days. I was surprised/ pleased that the whole lot was nickel-plated. I have been reloading for 45 years and I can tell that some of this brass is NOT once fired! That being said, I am very pleased with this purchase. I would definitely purchase/ recommend this again! Precision Delta is one of my top "go to" sources for reloading supplies.

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    The order was shipped fast. It was just what I ordered. I would order again and I will tell My friends

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    Nice Range Brass

    Got a case of this a few days ago, product was packaged very securely and arrived in great condition. Brass is all Nickle , mixed head stamp which is fine I don't sort my brass anyways. Price was great .it is cleaner than I expected it to be, I am going to tumble it anyways, but honestly I think I could just load it that is how clean it is. I have purchased range brass in the past that has been dirty but its range brass and that is what they make tumblers for. Would definitely buy this again and would recommend it to anyone looking for 357 mag brass. Very impressed with Precision Delta.

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    357 magnum range once fired brass

    My second purchase from these people.First was 1000 45 ACP FMJ bullets.Just recieved 1400 357 magnum once fired nickel/brass cases.Shipping was fast and the quality was excellent.Brass was very clean,cleaner than expected but I still tumbled with stainless pins.I will be buying from Precision Delta again as their prices cant be beat.

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    357 brass

    Very well packed, very happy with the cases. I'm ordering more.

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    357 Once Fired Brass

    Range brass was lightly cleaned (free of dust & debris). Great condition. PD ships fast. Great product.

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    once fired 357 magnum brass

    All brass cases. Excellent Quality. Will order again.

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    1500 357 Mag Range Brass

    All looked good. All brass. Contents: 170 asst. Fed, 308 asst. R-P, 522 asst. Win, 513 asst. headstamps of all kinds, 20 asst. 38sp, one 41 Mag. All were clean. Several had missing primers? I was pleased in general. Total 357 cases 1513. Sized and deprived them but have not loaded any yet. Pleased in general. Thank you.

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